Content Pipeline . Building


You need ContentBuilder to build a content project. If you haven’t, please grab the development toolkit.

Target platform

Every target platform have some special behaviour, like texture compression. You should aware, so your game will be optimized. Target platforms are:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Linux
  4. Mac
  5. UniversalWindows
  6. Windows

Run builder

  1. Open terminal or command prompt
  2. On Windows environment with target platform is Android

    > {path-to}\ContentBuilder.exe build YourProjectName.Content.xml -t Android

    On Mac/Linux environment with target platform is Android

    > mono {path-to}\ContentBuilder.exe build YourProjectName.Content.xml -t Android

    If target platform like -t Android is not applied, building will use default TargetPlatform on .xml.